The world is our home, workplace and playground.

We are creating & sharing affordable and cozy spaces for and with like-minded wanderers, nomads and curious souls who aim to roam the world for months and years.

We know how it feels to miss home, to share a small space with a bunch of other people and how important is a kitchen.

It takes time and effort to find and create home and it can all be gone in seconds and hard to let go.

Join us for this journey of friendship, life of exploring and adventures. Share your home or skills to live your dreams.



Enthusiasts, explorers, free thinkers and freedom seekers would best describe our honest international team. We don't do business, we create friendships. Borders and flags are not exactly our thing. 

Didn’t fall, the floor just needed a hug
— Jae

His seventh sense helps to transform bad into better and sometimes better into amazing.

Getting shit done is the best way to predict the future.
— Angel

The only one of us who can read code and cracks numbers for breakfast.

I don’t sing in the shower, I perform.
— Nati

Buying homes everywhere she goes like it was a piece of chocolate cake.

When life knocks you down... Do a burpee!
— Matt

Photography and cinematography in all degrees and from all angles. Even thought left handed both hands are working all right.  

I smile like everything is fine but inside my shoe a sock is slipping off
— Katarina

Silent with her smile always on until the shit is hitting the fan for a few days. Then its time for lavender oil.

The world is running on my time and that is often in slow motion
— Chris

Photography, home decoration, investing and conscious living with precision and focus on detail.

A little bit of everything

We are a team of people from many different backgrounds and cultures ranging from Caribbean to Australia which creates our unique taste and influences our work.

Been there, done that

Together we have explored and experienced many countries and cities which provides us with a fine selection of unique places we can recommend for your home hunt.


Home swaps, short, long & mid-term rentals, multiple sites and apps have been used and tested so we can recommend you those that work and have your back.


Authenticity money can't buy 

Sometimes the best pieces that give your home the unique feeling are hidden in someones garage or stand free next to the street. It's not how much you spent but how well you do.

better life starts with less 

Lets dig into your old stuff and sell/get rid of things you haven't used for ages. Clutter free home is good start to greater freedom.   


We have wide spectrum of skills from interior decoration, minor repairs, professional photography to co-hosting & rental advice. Pick what you need and we take it from there.