The whole world is our home

Traveling for many years we have realized how important it is to have a base, a home, that allows a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

therefore a group of like-minded wanderers got together to live a life without borders.


Hey, you wanderers

Phase 1

Community come first and therefore we are looking for explorers to join us on this journey. Don’t let finances limit your travelling appetite.

Share your home to live your dreams.


Sustainable, independent homes

Phase 2

Solar panels, rainwater catchment setups and other sustainable practices are on our To-do list. Any home, apartment, or camper has the capacity to be more than just a shelter. We are looking to apply and share these practices within our community to provide self-reliant homes.


Medicinal herbs & home grown foods

Phase 3

Nature heals. Home grown foods are the healthiest option. We are looking forward to grow our own nutrient rich foods in all of our homes, balconies, back yards and roof tops.


Our Team

Enthusiasts, explorers and freedom seekers would best describe our honest multinational team. Our projects are based on collaboration, exchanges and border-less connections.


Visionary with an eye for detail who loves to improve anything that can be improved.

I didn’t fall, the floor just needed a hug
— Jacob

Photography, home decoration, investing and conscious living with MS Excel precision.

My world is spinning in slow motion
— Chris

Buying homes everywhere she goes like it is a piece of chocolate cake.

I don’t sing in the shower, I perform.
— Nati

Photography and cinematography in all degrees and from all angles.

When life knocks you down do a burpee!
— Matt

The only one of us who can read code and cracks numbers for breakfast.

Getting shit done is the best way to predict the future.
— Angel

Silent, always with a smile on until the shit hits the fan. …. Time for lavender oil.

I smile like everything is fine but inside my shoe, a sock is slipping off
— Katarina