Co-living Cancún

Phase 1

Co-living Kahtal was our first co-living space makeover.

With a limited budget, we have focused our attention on the living-room, dining area, and patio, while the kitchen and two out of the four bedrooms just got a little face-lift.

The first stage was to bring a fresh feel to the walls with new paint, sorting out and selling the old furniture to increase the budget, while helping with small home fixes. 

With a fresh new canvas, we have started to explore what Cancún had to offer. In spite of the limited choices, we got lucky with most shops, finding bargains and sales to fit into our budget.




What’s next

Phase 2

Marco the owner of Co-living space Kahtal in Cancun has a vision of a place that allows like-minded people to meet and share sustainable living practices via workshops. We have stepped in to transform his home into a multi-use space divided into few sections - private rooms, shared living room, kitchen and patio.

Future vision is to expand, implement composting practice for the kitchen, having a green garden to grow his own produce and implement renewable energy practices such as solar panels.