Renting your space with us

  1. We improve your home

  2. We take full responsibility

  3. We take care of the monthly payments

  4. We photograph & advertise your home

  5. We carry the risk of empty months

  6. We find a responsible tenant

In return we ask for only one thing:

  • Flexibility to rent monthly (no airbnb) to our community of passionate travelers. (nomads, freelancers, retired couples and more)

  • 2 year contract

The benefits

2 - Home improvement

We know what it feels like to be an owner and how much you care for your home. Good news is, we care even more! Our passion is home decoration and creating cozy homes.

3 - Great tenants

Our community of travelers is simply awesome. People from all parts of the world who have passion for travel. Nomads, freelancers, retired couples and many others.

1 - Security

We video call (45-60min) every person who is about to enter our community and our homes. We take and hold deposit from every traveler to have double layer safety apart of the initial deposit.

4 - Long term relationship

We are in for long term relationship with you. Once we decide to spend time and effort with your space we are in for long term relationship.