Travel more, bond & earn

Create a home with us, swap it or rent it out to make some extra income. Bond with others.

  1. Choose your favorite country

  2. Find a deal & agree with Landlord

  3. Furnish & Photograph

  4. Advertise with us



- creating a living space - a time consuming process that requires patience, creativity and a great sense of visual imagination. Think of cleaning, painting, drilling, shopping, buying, connecting cables, managing people, organizing deliveries, shopping again and mainly using creativity to visualize the final looks of your new home. There are many decisions to make and things to consider from lighting to linen materials that all need to blend into one simple masterpiece in the end.


1 - Efficiency 

Our main objective is to spend as little as possible. We work with the space as it is, avoiding unnecessary expenses & construction works. We match existing looks and features together with the furniture and style available in your area.

3 - Flexibility

We approach our craft in a similar way a skilled chef creates his/her dishes. We go by taste and intuition not by centimeters. We visualize and remain open to change while your home is being created. We let inspiration add more pepper and salt here and there if needed.

2 - Simplicity

We cherish simplicity and minimal living spaces as there are few benefits: 1) Buying less = saving money which can rather be spent on better quality products and 2) Simplistic space is a healthy environment for a human mind.

4 - Satisfaction

Every home we create is being thought out with you in our mind. Our goal is your satisfaction which we reach by listening to your ideas and thoughts, consultation and close cooperation with you. We don’t think we know better and you will never be left behind.


As we are constantly on the move and creating homes around the world we are available to help in person.

To preserve the costs at the minimum we live in the space we are working on. This allows us to understand the space and create best layout possible.

We see value in things where others don’t. We sell, reuse and modify what we have to be efficient.

We are new age thinkers who barter, exchange and make deals that keep your money in your pocket. Your happiness and satisfaction is our goal.


  1. Helping you to find a good deal - the right apartment for your project

  2. Providing a scope for your rental contract - important for long term success.

  3. Helping you to avoid mistakes and extra expenses

  4. A vision and ideas for your space:

    Sample - Pinterest idea support board

    Sample - Invision concept board - furniture, colors, solutions

  5. Recommended colors & materials, approach

  6. 6 x 30 min video call consultation  

  7. Advertising your finished home to our community


Price: You take care of us we take care of you

Price: 450 USD


1 - SHare your vision

Based on your ideas we will prepare a vision for your selected room - colors, materials and furniture ideas. 


2 - Direction

You preview our vision and we will discuss the direction and make sure we are heading the right way.


3 - Window Shopping

Now its time for a window shopping spree. We or you take photos of anything that sparks our attention. 


4 - Visualize

Lets sit in your place and visualize the photographed items to get an idea if and how they will fit. 



If long distance - Let us take a look at your treasure hunt and have a chat about what to use and why.


6 - Buy

Together we pick the main pieces for your room/s. While you are buying those do more window shopping.


7 - Base done

Build, drill, screw.. Main pieces are in place and its the time to sit and visualize again.


8 - Decoration

2nd round of window shopping to find missing pieces and start with adding some decoration.


9 - Finalize

Finishing steps, finding missing pieces, adding last ideas and solutions. 

Budget & Time

Its good to know your available budget so we can plan well and think of a good strategy on how and where to start. We have seen it in past how clients plan big and then run out of money before the project is finished. There are many side expenses hidden along the way that can take you by surprise. Think of transportation, tools, cleaning supplies, paint and other handyman expenses that might come along the way.

Furnishing a 2-3 bedroom apartment takes a minimum a month if done properly and without a rush. This is considering that you have no damage at your place and need no major construction works to be done. Time includes area research for furniture and suitable stores.