Miami downtown view + repaired cruiser


Miami Cruisin’

Budget 249 USD

Located right on the beach of 25th Street this high rise project was basically a no budget makeover. 

Wide windows letting in a lot of sun, wide terrace and spectacular Miami downtown views created an unforgettable experience and home.

DSC00735-HDR (1).jpg

The Story Behind

When I came to the apartment it was begging to be organized and needed some care. I had to promise I will commit to 6 months of rent or 900usd and 2K of deposit even-though I only had 2 months in US. I counted on my skills and photography hoping I get a renter for the next 4 months. So I got to work.. My focus was to spend as little as possible but make it a cozy home that can be rented out. After I was done I was able to rent the apartment for 1100usd which made up for my investment. Here is what I have done:

Purchased - sheets and bedding set, 2x big pillows, 2x deco pillows, new window curtains and runner rug, vase with green plant decoration Repairs - Closet broken doors, walls behind the bed needed some deeper cleaning Declutter - overflowing closet, old shelf furniture Sold - office chair, bike Found - round night table moved in from living room and black folding chair was hidden in the closet.

I also needed to take care of the living room and balcony that looked like crap - see photos before/after. I have reorganized the living room and spend 25 usd on second hand frames to put on the wall.

Balcony was a dirty mess filled with junk and bird poo. Most of the junk went to the trash and two wrecked bikes were repaired. One used as my daily means of transport another sold to pay the living room frames =).


Finished project